Dissecting Redline Infostealer traffic — a SOAPy endeavour

Pictured: A typical Redline Infostealer operator after you’ve finished this article
Redline is by far the most popular source of stolen credentials on russianmarket
You shoud follow @vxunderground on Twitter. No, really. Do it now. I’ll wait until you return.
It’s alive! But still not logs. Which is sad.
There are multiple calls to “InstallManager.RemoveCurrent” which are called when something goes wrong
Just close the application instead of deleting the whole file
Your first log!
Look at this bad boy!
Delete VMWAREHOSTOPEN.EXE and try again
Much better — From an attacker’s standpoint.
In the lower panel you are able to manipulate the values
Looks like it worked!
Python is your friend in this case
No one likes XML, right? Right? RIGHT??
Whoever finds the typo can keep it
Our replay worked as expected. Neat!
Much better! Redacted like a pro!
The number of logs is too damn high!




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Mario Henkel

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